Hi, I'm William.

I'm a full stack web developer, utilizing node.js on the server side and HTML5 & CSS3 on the client-side to create interesting and unique web applications. I'm most known for my work on the Lifeboat server network, co-founding it and bringing it to over ten million registered players. For more information about my projects, see my resumé, or scroll down for a gallery.

Work History

  • Hydreon Corporation
    Co-created the first competitive mobile community game server network. Spanned 300 physical machines in two datacenters, serving over ten million players and forty-seven thousand concurrently. Maintained the game server software, custom plugins, database and API endpoints, and custom loadbalancer. Used Route 53, Docker, Ansible, and PHP.
  • Bloomington Public Schools
    Designed and developed a new mobile app for students and parents. Displayed upcoming events, lunch menus, and staff directories. During the second trimester, created a scheduling application for students’ flexible time. Allowed students to select a place to go when not selected by a teacher, and describe what they were going to do.
  • StudentRND
    Student volunteer, helping to organize and improve CodeDay, a national event to get middle school through college aged students interested in coding.


  • FTC Robotics
    Lead programmer for Team #6369 Designosaurs for five years. Wrote code in ROBOTC and Java, in the 2015-2016 season our team received a Judge's award for our programming.
  • CodeDay
    Attended six events, organized one. Led five teams and said teams have won five awards. See some of our best projects in the gallery below.


  • Senior Year in High School
    Will attend full-time college classes through Normandale Community College this upcoming semester. Using elective space to study Calculus and computer science.

My Projects

Click on a thumbnail for more information, including videos, screenshot galleries, and live demos.


Here are some self-hosted services I use to share content. Feel free to make use of them as well! Please make sure you own all rights to content posted.